About Lauren

Lauren is the daughter of Andrew and Brenda Romare and sister to Joe and Carley. She loves being an aunt to her niece and nephews, Joey, Giada, Drake, and twins arriving in February! She spent all of her childhood in Ankeny, Iowa, and recently moved to Ames to pursue college. Lauren enjoys school, spending time with family and friends, and working with children. In high school Lauren participated in choir, and showchoir, and in May of 2010 Lauren graduated from Ankeny High School. She decided to attend Iowa State University to pursue an undergraduate's degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in mathematics and reading, and she will graduate in May of 2013.

About Garrett

Garrett is the son of Steven and Denise Phelps and brother to Cody, Amber, Olivia, and Danielle. He loves being an uncle to niece Nora, and his soon to be nephew Nolan. Garrett grew up in various cities in Texas, and at the age of 9, he and his family moved to Iowa. Garrett enjoys computers, games, building activities, and spending time with family and friends. In high school, he was involved in choir and showchoir, and in May of 2010 Garrett graduated from Ankeny High school. He decided to attend Iowa State University to receive an undergraduate's degree in Software Engineering, and he will graduate in May of 2014. 

How we met

In eighth grade, at the young age of fourteen, Garrett and Lauren met in their math and science class. They were very shy like most boys and girls in eighth grade, but over the course of eighth grade, Lauren and Garrett grew a wonderful friendship. The beginning of their friendship was playful and innocent with simple competitions of who received the better grade on tests and assignments. They spent time in class working together on homework, but they never really talked much outside of class. On the final days of eighth grade, Lauren feared she would not get to see or spend time with Garrett again because she did not know if they would have any classes together in ninth grade. On the morning of May 22, 2006, Lauren decided to write Garrett a note to ask him to be her boyfriend, and Lauren anxiously waited for his response in math class that day. When he handed her the note, she quickly opened it, and read his response. She was ecstatic to know that he wanted to be her boyfriend, but more importantly, she was happy to know that he wanted to get to know her and spend more time together. 

Garrett and Lauren's friendship and love grew more and more over the years in high school and into college, and they knew from a young age that they were meant to be together. They were not the typical high school relationship because Garrett and Lauren understood what being in a relationship meant, and their relationship was more than the "boyfriend and girlfriend" status. Not only are Garrett and Lauren in love, but they are also best friends, and they want to put each other first above anything. They enjoy being with one another, and they make each other a better person. Garrett and Lauren are ready to be married because they realize the meaning of marriage. They understand there will be excitement, hardships, and decisions that will be come with marriage, but they are ready and wanting to take on the journey together with the guidance, support, and love of family and friends. We want to share our love and the beginning of a new life together with the people that mean the most to us. 

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